Last August I gave notice that I would be retiring from Catnip Acres veterinary clinic.  I knew at almost 70 years old it was time for someone younger to take over; where would I be leaving Greene County’s pet population if something happened that I could not continue, surely every one realized I would not be doing this when I was 80 years old.  I hoped to be part of a transition from old to new and even better vet clinic. Everyone wondered if I would really walk away.  We will close June 30, 2015, but will have someone there through July 7th if you need copies of your records. 

Catnip Acres Veterinary Clinic was to be a gift to the people of Greene County.  I wanted people to have the ability to take care of their beloved pets, give a helping hand to a stray, abandoned or injured animal.

I still want that!  Catnip Acres should feel like it is yours, it is part of our community. Maybe it is time to rally and have a say in what is happening there.  We have had many suggestions.  A full time veterinarian is a must.  We have been advertising and checking into any and all leads.  Dr. Archer had been asked but cannot fulfill the requirements.  A building or piece of land is a must.  Remember low cost, I don’t want to add the price of a building to someone’s vet bill. 

We talked to the Greene County Commissioners.  They have said maybe next year, they want to see a business plan.  Guessing that’s their way of stalling for time, hoping we will fade away.  You and I know that won’t happen, animal overpopulation will be in every ones face.  Dead cats and dogs along the highway, starving animals tearing up garbage, people forced to do their own animal control by shooting them.  The Humane Society of Greene County will be loaded, the closing of Catnip Acres means euthanasia for many animals.  Doubt the shelter ever needed a business plan to receive $25000.00 yearly.  We plead to the Commissioners to rethink what is the best decision for the people of Greene County.

If you would like to have a sit down to discuss how we can save Catnip Acres, message us and we will set some dates and times.


Thank you, Carol

June 23,2015

The hungry cats keep coming in from Sycamore, 14 as of this morning. We all know this lady should not have had so many cats. There were four dogs too. Thanks to Liesa Collier, four dogs were taken by three rescues. Two dogs were in the house, one in the trailer, and one tied up outside. That was February 2014. One perished after being rescued.

Complaints had been filed about the number of cats and dogs to the Greene County Humane Society, yet all the animals were left to fend for themselves. Now I am sure we will hear a long involved excuse as to why our shelter walks away from pets in need but I bet the woman that owned them signed them over the humane society. Liesa Collier believed that the shelter had rescued the cats. Five bodies have been found and Tyrus had to be humanely euthanized.

The observed reported is interested in the Humane Sociey's story but can not get them to return any of their calls. Guessing the shelter needs time to figure this one out. If you had similar problems, contact Mike Jones at the Observed Reporter 724-852-2602 ext 6210.

The sycamore colony is flourishing; they are relaxed. Today, one of the volunteers said they all have big smiles on their faces. I thought I saw it too- if only Tyrus was here too...


THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!  Did I just fall down a rabbit hole into Loonville?

I read Linda Chambers comments comparing Catnip Acres to the NFL.  We have a 40 inch TV that plays cat videos but no one sits around and watches TV.  There isn’t any TV reception at 155 Dark Hollow Road, not even in my home.

Ms. Chambers represented Jennifer Behm D.V.M. at the zoning hearing.  Ms. Chambers is also a Board Member at the Humane Society of Greene County.  She said she would like a detailed accounting of what we do with all our money.  Perhaps we should be asking that of the Humane Society, I believe they have one meeting a year when the public can attend, maybe October.  Someone needs to call for that information and put it up for all to see.  The Humane Society receives  $25000.00 a year, YOUR TAX DOLLARS, from the county and open only 3 days a week.  THE HUMANE SOCIETY BUILDING SITS ON COUNTY OWNED PROPERTY.  

Cats, 2007 to May 2015, 0000 spayed, 0000 neutered.

Dogs, we started sterilizing dogs two years ago and have done 0000 spays and 0000 neuters.Before 2007, for ten years I hauled 3500 cats to spay/neuter clinics in Pittsburgh.  I would spend days trapping feral cats, caring for them and on Sunday mornings I would get up at 4 AM clean, load and be in Pittsburgh for 7 AM check in.  After working there all day I loaded them up and headed home.  Here they were unloaded and cared for until they could be released, all of this at my own expense.  My management fee $0.  During my six years at the Humane Society, paid for hundreds of cats to be sterilized through Waynesburg Animal Hospital.  I don’t know how many cats I have had sterilized, it never mattered how many had been done there were so many more that needed done.  

Typically a female has her first heat between 5 and 9 months old.  Theoretically, in six years one female dog and her offspring will have 67,000 puppies.   In seven years one female cat and her offspring will have 420,000 kittens.  From my first day at the Humane Society I knew euthanasia was wrong, being killed is not in the cats’ best interest.  Euthanasia should never be used to control overpopulation.   I still run into people I did feral cats for 15 years ago.  The cats are old and seldom leave the barn but they have lived long and healthy lives. 70% of all cats in shelters are put to sleep.  Euthanasia is the #1 cause of death in cats.  Because of the work Catnip Acres has done that just does not happen here at the Greene County Humane Society.  For euthanasia numbers you should call the shelter 724-627-9988.

Never when I started helping animals would I have expected to see the suffering and neglect these animals had to endure.  Most caretakers tried, veterinarians were so expensive and there were so many animals no one had just one or two that needed care.  One young woman explained, “for years I tried to save them when they got sick, I am not sure when I got use to dying cats in my yard”.  Dogs, skinny, tied to boxes, ready to give birth.  With all the animal laws today you would think it would be easier for the dogs. 

People seem to be able to walk that line and stay within the legal limits.  A whole lifetime tied to a box.  Intelligent, loving, longing to be petted, talked to, cold in the Winter, hot in the Summer, eaten up with fleas, water when it is not frozen or so hot you drink it all by noon.  Finally, the day of your reprieve, your family that tied you to that box for 15 years wrapped your filthy body in a blanket and took you to Catnip to be put to sleep, your suffering got a little too much even for them to watch, what might the neighbors say.  Another thought, they may not have been willing to pay three times more at a different veterinarian’s office.  So, income guidelines, yes on some things, we at Catnip Acres know what the Greene County animal population need and we are doing it.  MANY CLIENTS WILL SPEND EVERY PENNY THEY HAVE TO HELP THEIR PET.  OTHERS HAVE A $30.00 DOG THEY NEED PUT DOWN.  YOU SEE SOME DO PUT A VALUE ON THEIR PET, MOST OF US DON’T.  ISN’T IT GOOD WE ARE HERE FOR EVERYONE! 

Only by spaying and neutering can we alleviate the massive suffering caused by overpopulation.  I gave Greene County a head start.  Look around at surrounding counties.  Lets see if the folks in charge are smart enough to figure out what the next step is.

Carol Pultorak


Catnip Acres Inc. 

"Catnip Acres is dedicated to Weebs. A very special feline whose courage and spirit left a pawprint on our souls."

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